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This is a must read for all beekeepers.

HBHC Guide 8th Edition August 2022

The Varroa Management Decision Tool is  great way to help you decide the best treatment under current conditions!

Varroa Management Decision Tool

John Northrop of

Bay City was the lucky winner of this year's

County Fair

Bee Hive Raffle.

Congratulations John!

2nd place $100 gift certificate

was won by Ashley Christensen

3rd place $50 gift certificate

was won by Nonda Zwald

Have a swarm of bees in your yard?

CALL us to get help!

Click here for a list of swarm catching
beekeepers in your area!

Contribute to the Apiary & Garden Learning Center

Collected: $1,373.61
Goal: $2,000.00

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