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Educational Bee Videos

We credit these institutions and people for their great work in Honeybee Education

This is a six minute TED Talk video that speaks to the Varroa Mite problem we all deal with.

There is an amazing section of the video showing the first 21 day of a bee’s life condensed into 60 seconds. 

It starts with a bee’s egg which hatches in larvae which transform into pupae, and finally into the awesome bee.

The Basics

Hive Equipment

Protective Clothing

Smoke Use

Package Installation

Opening Hives

Seasonal Management of the Hive

Prepping for Winter

Spring Beekeeping

Hive Inpection

Splitting Hives 3 Methods

Varroa Alcohol Wash

Moving a hive

NUC Installation

Building up in Spring

Package Installation

Special Hive Management Problems

Combining Hives

Combining Strong w/ Weak

Formic Acid & Varroa Mites

Oxalic Acid & Varroa Mites


Mite Away Quick Strips

Link to Honey Bee Health Coalition Guide:   A Guide to Effective Varroa Sampling & Control


Are You Getting Robbed?

Robbing Screens

Tricks to stop robbing


Swarm Control


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