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How to build your own Langstroth Hives

The following is from a forum post made by our own Rick Stelzig.  He has built several Langstroth Hives using only a table saw.  These are his insights and experiences. 

He sites several YouTube videos as inspiration, with the caveat that you should not rely on everything the videos present, but to use the main concepts and principles that they teach.

Step 1

To make hive boxes, this video is okay, once you have the jig made, it goes fast.

To make the handles for the hive boxes:

This worked well, after it took me three hours making my jig and getting everything lined up. Now with my jig made, it only takes about 30 seconds to make a handle.

Step 2

Step 3

My screen bottoms board are a little different then this video, but this one looks easy enough to make.  Note: all of the cuts can be made on a table saw.

Making an inner cover/feeder board.  This video is how to build a Vivaldi board, my inner cover / feeder board are the same but I do not vent mine, I use a vent top, if your tops are not vented, you should use this kind.

Step 4

Step 5

Make the telescoping top

Make super simple metal covers for your telescoping tops

Step 6

Step 7

This next process; building frames with only a table saw is in 3 parts.  Top Bars of the frames is part 1 of 3.

Building Frames, Bottom Bars - part 2 of 3

Step 8

Step 9

Building Frames, End Bars - part 3 of 3

Assembling frames for a Langstroth deep honeybee hive

Step 10

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