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Oregano  (Origanumvulgare), perennial

Blooms:   Summer to fall

Zone: 5 - 10

Height:   2’

Spread:   2’

Sun: Full sun to part sun

Water: Low

Tolerates: Drought

Other: Deer resistant; cut fading flowers to promote more blooms

Mints  (Mentha spp.), perennial

Blooms:  June to frost

Zone:   3  to 10

Height:   1’ to 3’

Spread:   1’ to 4’

Sun:   Sun to part shade

Water:  Medium

Other:   Deer resistant; prefers rich soil with compost but will adapt to most soils; grows and spreads quickly; can be planted in containers to control spreading; deters insects; cut plants to ground in fall


Rosemary  (Rosmarinus officinalis), perennial

Blooms:  Almost year round

Zone:   6 to 9

Height:   2’ or higher

Spread:   2’ to 6’

Sun:   Full sun to part shade

Water:  Low

Tolerates:   Drought resistant

Other:   Can be pruned to maintain size; works well as hedge

Creeping Thyme (Thymus serpyllum), perennial

Blooms:  June through August

Zone:   4 to 9 

Height:   3” to 6”

Spread:   8”, forms a mat of creeping stems

Sun:  Full 

Water:  Medium to low   

Other:  Prefers well drained soil; self-seeds; cutback stems after flowering to help plant retain vigor;  deer resistant


English Thyme  (Thymus vulgaris), perennial

Blooms:  All summer

Zone:   4 to 9

Height:   8” to 12”

Spread:   8” mounds

Sun:    Full Sun

Water:   Low to medium 

Other:   Deer resistant; leaves can be harvested for fresh use all summer but have the best flavor just before flowering

Sage (Salvia officinalis) , perennial

Blooms:  June to fall

Zone:  5 to 8 

Height:   1’ to 3’ depending on variety

Spread:   2’ to 4’ depending on variety

Sun:  Full sun to part shade  

Water:   Low

Other:   Deer resistant; prefers well-drained sandy or loamy soil


Lemon Balm  (Melissa  Officinalis), perennial

Blooms:  July to frost

Zone:   4 to 9

Height:  1’ to 2’ 

Spread:  1’ to 2’

Sun:    Full sun to part shade

Water:   Low 

Other:  Deer resistant; grows freely in any soil 

Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum), annual

Blooms:  depends on planting time and weather

Zone:   5 to 9

Height:    6” to 10”

Spread:  4” to 10”  

Sun:  Partial shade   

Water:  Medium 

Other:  Deer resistant; leaves are known as cilantro and the seeds which take about 100 days to reach maturity are referred to as coriander; prefers cool weather; can be succession planted every one to two weeks from early spring through fall; seeds must be cool and moist to germinate 


Basil   (Ocimum Basilicum), annual

Blooms:  June through September

Zone:   Not applicable as it is a tender annual

Height:   1’ to 1.5’

Spread:   10” to 18”

Sun:   Full sun

Water:   Medium 

Other:   Moderately deer resistant; allow soil to dry completely between watering, then soak thoroughly

Chives   (Allium schoenoprasum), perennial

Blooms:  Early spring through frost

Zone:   3 to 10

Height:   1’ to 2’

Spread:   1’ to 2’

Sun:    Full sun or part shade

Water:   Medium

Other:   Deer resistant; garlic chives are said to be a bee favorite; cut all varieties to within 2” of soil to promote new blooms


Catmint  (Nepata mussinii), perennial

Blooms:  June to frost

Zone:   3 to 9

Height:   1.5’ to 2’

Spread:   1’ to 2’

Sun:    Full sun to part shade

Water:   Medium

Tolerates:    Drought

Other:   Deer resistant; trim off fading flowers to promote more blooms 

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