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Tillamook Farm Store

#4 Ivy Ave, Tillamook, Oregon

The Farm Store is an authorized dealership of

Beeline Apiaries and Woodenware

carrying a full line of

quality beekeeping supplies

at very competitive prices! 

Hive Components:

Entrance accessories, 

Queen excluders

Boxes, Frames, Foundations, and more

Hive Tools

Burshes, Smokers, and more

Protective Clothings

Gloves, Jackets, Veils, and more

Colony Maintenance

Hive treatments, Health supplements, and more

If we don't have it in stock,

and Beeline Apiaries carries it,

we will order it for you!

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Please support our loyal Sponsors!

Visit their website by clicking on their logos, or simply visit their businesses and thank them for their support of:

Tillamook Beekeepers Association.

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