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Bee Buddy Pods Directory

Bee Buddy Pods is a concept of dividing the wide area of our membership into 11 geographical areas.  For those who wish to provide help and for those who wish to receive help from fellow beekeepers, we ask that you simply add your name to one of these pods. 

This is not just a mentor program for new beekeepers, it is also a way for those who just need a hand with managing their bee hives.  Sometimes a 2nd or 3rd person is helpful no matter one’s skill level in beekeeping.  When you inspect a hive, you will want to do so quickly, so as not to disturb the hive too much.  You may wish to photograph the hive, or a particular frame within the hive for documentation or simply to capture something unique.  A bee buddy is a great way to make that happen.

To add yourself to one of these pods, go to your profile, (you get to your profile by clicking our your name on the left side of the main home screen menu bar), then click edit and scroll down to "Bee Buddy Pod Group Participation" and select which pod or pods you are willing to participate in.

When you need help, call, text or email the other members of the pod and build an awesome relationship with fellow beekeepers in your own vicinity.


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